Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love Dare for Elementary Students - Day Number 17

Day Number 17 - Love promotes closeness

Look up
Proverbs 17:9 in your bible.

Pray about Proverbs 17:9 and ask God what he is saying to you through the scripture.

Read the following: Who's your best friend? Who do you feel the closest to? Maybe your mom or dad? Maybe a brother or sister? Maybe a friend who you enjoy playing with after school? These are the special people in your life. One day, you will have a friend that decides to ask you to pray for them, if they haven't already. Take this very seriously. They are so close to you that they trust that you will pray for them, don't take this lightly.

Your Challenge: Today, ask your closest friend or family member if they have anything that you can pray about for them. Also, if you want them to pray for you, ask for that as well.

In Christ,
- Steve

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