Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Love Dare For Elementary Students - Day Number 12

Day Number 12 - Love lets the other one win

Look up
Philippians 2:4 in your bible.

Pray about Philippians 2:4 and ask God what he is saying to you through the scripture.

Read the following: Do you always want to win? Do you try your best in school or sports or even just little things around the house? It's good to try your best, but did you realize that sometimes you can win by losing? This is a really hard concept, but sometimes the best thing if you are in an argument with someone is to take a deep breath and let them win, let them be first, let yourself be willing to serve... that's what Jesus Christ did. He put His own life behind all of our lives by dying on the cross for our sins.

Your Challenge: Demonstrate love by willingly choosing to end an argument with someone by saying, "Okay, you win, I am putting your needs or wants first."

In Christ,
- Steve

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