Friday, September 25, 2009

Love Dare For Elementary Students - Day Number 14

Day Number 14 - Love takes delight

Look up
Ecclisiastes 9:9 in your bible.

Pray about Ecclisiastes 9:9 and ask God what he is saying to you through the scripture.

Read the following: What's your favorite food? Is it pizza? A chocolate bar? Whatever your favorite food is, you take "delight" in eating it. That means that you love it and truly cherish the time while you are eating it. You just want more and more. We should love others in the same way. Maybe you haven't been too nice to a family member or friend lately and they need to be love on a little bit today!

Your Challenge: Today, ask someone from your family or a best friend if they want to spend some time together. Tell them they get to choose what you guys do together. They will cherish the time spent together and love will truly delight in your time together.

In Christ,
- Steve

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